Real Estate and Construction Law

Drafting and Negotiation of Real Estate Contracts

Our objective is to determine the critical factors, from the negotiation of the terms of the agreement to the design and execution.

We acquire the necessary tools required for the negotiation in order to achieve the most beneficial agreements.  We identify and draft the most appropriate clauses in the best interests of the buyer and/or seller.

We also identify the inherent risks and establish the contingency guarantees with a view to securing agreements with conditions and clauses that satisfy all parties.

redaccion de contratos

Resolution and Enforcement of Purchase Contracts

The resolution of a purchase contract is brought about by the breaking of the contractual link for whatever reason that may have forced it.

Our experts are fully qualified to deal with with the enforcement of real estate contracts, using all of the legal means available according to the Civil Code.

The high prefessionalism and experience of this law firm has recently lead to the success if a very complex legal case, details of which were published in the EL Pais newspaper in July 2013 and in the UK press.

The case related to a group of British buyers who were on the verge of losing their deposits after having paid for off plan properties that were never completed.  The developer and the bank behind the project refused to pay back the deposits.

Thanks to the hard work and professionalism of De Castro lawyers, we were able to get all monies returned to the buyers, a final figure that reached into the the millions of Euros.

Claim for Construction Defects. Hidden Defects

What can at first seem like a great investment can soon turn into a nightmare if you start finding defects in the construction.

You need to count on the professional advice of experts when these sorts of problems start to surface.  We can assist you when talking to the developer and any subsequent legal case.

It’s important that you always have the best professionals working on behalf of you in these sorts of cases so that you get the best advice and the best legal action required.  We have experienced lawyers who can work on you behalf to reach the appropriate action in order to get the issues resolved.

vicios de construccion
aval bancario

Execution of Bank Guarantees

Going to the bank and requesting the execution of your bank guarantee to get your deposit returned is usually not sufficient, as it cannot be executed whilst it’s still active.

The De Castro lawyers know how to resolve your problem as they have done with other clients through their extensive experience in these types of cases.

Our experts will be able to demonstrate how the developer or the bank will be obligated to accept the bank guarantee due to the contract not being completed.  Our extensive experience in resolving these types of cases means that we are perfectly positioned to assist you in recovering your deposit for an off plan property.

Responsibilities of Financial Institutions During the Construction Process

Here at De Castro our experienced and specialist lawyers will handle all of your issues relating to the responsibilities of banks during the construction process of your property.

Our principal objective is to offer you the best legal advice in order to resolve your questions or problems.  We have the best professionals who can advise you on a local or national basis.

Our extensive experience puts us in a perfect position to assist you with your claims.  Mr Jaime de Castro, lawyer and partner of the firm, has even edited and published a book on civil law.

Our law firm is equipped with all of the latest technology for videoconferencing which allows us to communicate and be close to our clients wherever they are in the world.

What sets us apart is that we treat your problem as if it were our own problem.  To that end we put all of our collective efforts in place to ensure the best outcome at all times for our clients.

responsabilidad solidaria en la construccion
propiedad horizontal

Horizontal Property Laws

A horizontal property is defined as a special type of property characterised by the coexistance of two or more distinct properties.

At De Castro you will find a team of lawyers specialised in all matters relating to horizontal property law issues.

The best lawyers offer you the best knowledge and enthusiasm to ensure a successful outcome for your particular issue.

We offer a very personal client/ lawyer relationship and apply the best legal tools available to reach a favourable outcome to your problem.

Responsibilities of Construction Agents

With the introduction in 1999 of the Ordenación de la Edificación (LOE) law, the responsibilities of construction agents was much better defined.

The De Castro law firm enjoys the best specialist lawyers that can assist you in all matters relating to the responsibilities of construction agents and in particular, issues relating to non-compliance.

Civil liability will be charged to the appropriate party and our experts will study your case with total dedication that it deserves; a way of working which we have always done.

Our reputation as a successful and creative legal firm preceeds us, having been featured in the news many times.  We use all of the latest technologies available to us and for our clients we aslo have videoconferencing facilities available.

In our firm there is nothing more important than the satisfaction of our clients and to achieve for them the best possible outcome for their particular cases.

agentes de la construccion
financiacion hipotecaria


Every bank has available printed information about the conditions of the mortgages available from the bank.  This applies to mortgages, loans and credit cards and the information is correct at the time when the finance is applied for at any branch.

Here at De Castro we have available all of the legal tools and knowledge in order to ensure that any issues you have with mortgages or other finance in Spain are dealt with in the best possible way.

At our firm we have the best lawyers available to handle all of these types of issues in order to achieve the most favourable outcome for our clients.

We provide a personal and professional service at all times and never lose the enthusiasm that we have to achieve the best result for every client.

Construction Licences and Contracts. Negotiations with the Public Administration

The professional and experienced team at De Castro are here to assist you with any problems you may have relating to building licences and contracts.

Our aim is always to find and follow through with the best solution in order to resolve your problem.

Our lawyers are fully experienced in all matters related to planning and building licences issues and we go out of our way to ensure that you receive the best out for your particular problem.

licencias urbanisticas
precontencioso y contencioso

Pre-litigation and Litigation

At De Castro we have an excellent team of professional lawyers available to advise and assist you with your case and we provide a complete litigation service.

Our lawyers work diligently and professionally in order to achieve the best possible outcome for your particular case.  The are highly experienced and knowledgeable and will work closely with you at all times.

We enjoy an excellent reputation both nationally and internationally which we have built up successfully over the years.  At De Castro we continue to work with enthusiasm and always giving each case the attention and time that it deserves.

Our objective is always to get you the best result.

Industrial Property

There is a large number of ways of understanding the legal meaning behind Industrial Property and it applies not just to industry or commerce, but also to agricultural and extractive industries of all fabricated or natural products.

The De Castro law firm has available a team of specialist lawyers who are experts in all areas of Spanish law relating to industrial property.  Our objective is to ensure that as a client you enjoy a personalised relationship with us so that we can fully work with you in order to help solve your particular issue.

In our law firm we have a very professional team of lawyers that work with absolute dedication and providing a level that every client deserves and expects.

Our lawyers will always find the best possible solution for your particular problem.

propiedad industrial

Housing Cooperatives: Advice, Establishment, Financing and Conflicts

Here at De Castro we have specialist lawyers and experts in the field of housing cooperatives and we can provide advice and legal assistance related to any issues in this field.

Our lawyers offer a professional and personal service with a continual focus on quality, efficiency and understanding of your particular case.

Our aim is always to be honest and to strive towards the most favourable outcome for all of our clients.  For this reason we enjoy an enviable reputation on a national and international level.

Legal Advice for Real Estate Agents

It is important to understand the series of regulations which govern the extensive and often complex world of real estate in Spain.

Our professional team of lawyers are fully experienced in all matters relating to real estate in Spain and are able to provide a complete service to resolve all of your legal matters.

Our lawyers are driven to resolve each case diligently and with the ultimate aim of giving our clients the maximum satifisfaction in the resolution of their cases.

Our clients are our number one priority and we therefore listen and then apply industry best practices to achieve the best outcome at all times.

Our extensive experience in the real estate industry in Spain means that we are well placed to provide you with the best service and the best results.

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