Maritime Law

Ship Building and Selling Contracts

Our law firm has a long history of working in the field of maritime law and our expert lawyers are constantly working on ship building and selling contracts.

Our legal experts are very experienced and familiar with these types of contracts; so you can be sure that your contracts are in the safest hands.

We are also able to work much further afield becuase of the high technological expertise at our disposal and which by way of video conferences, maintains close and continuous communciation with our cl,ients.

We pride ourselves on great priofessional recognition beyond our frontiers, aiming to achieve our objective which is to offer a personal and prifessional consultancy of the highest calibre.

Our team guarantees máximum satisfaction for our clients thus enabling us to obtain optimum solutions to your problem.


Leasing and Chartering Contracts

The study of the Charter Contract , is perhaps the most complex within Maritime Law and one which objects to chartering being accepted as a leasing, although jurisprudential connections support that chartering is leasing of objects and at the same time of work.

The Charter contract is one of the oldest of contracts in the field of sea freight transport, and therefore through it, most of the contracts which have become a product of today’s maritime business and high naval technology have emerged.

During more than our 20 years of experience, we have solved and “taken to port” problems in the maritime sector with speed and efficiency.

Our national and international clients, with whom in some cases we maintain contact via video conference, acknowledge our work, thanks to the untiring efforts of our specialists in this sector, who are absolutely dedicated to their work in the field of maritime transport.

The knowledge and expertise of our professionals speaks for itself, and as previously mentioned, taking into account the satisfaction of our clients through our offer of all the necessary guarantees for the achievement of the best agreements within the legal framework.

Bill of Landing

The aim of this contract is to protect the shipper and consignee of the cargo from the ship owner and re-assure each respective party of the other’s good conduct…

In Spain,,Maritime Transport,s Bill of Lading confirms that the merchandise has been received and is ready for transportation to the port of reference aboard the indicated vessel.

When a problem arises which requires rectification, we count on a highly experienced team on maritime matters. We resolve, on a daily basis, cases relating to Maritime Law, obtaning very satisfactory results for all parties concerned.

contaminacion maritima

Marine Contamination and Violations

The greatest part of actual pollution comes from human activity. Without doubt, more measures need to be taken in order to prevent contamination by oil and oily mixtures.

The consequences of maritime pollution is a common problem which affects us all.

Legislation establishes limits to the parameter indicators of wáter pollution. Many national laws and international protocols forbid the actual dumping of pollutants in the seas.

Our legal department works using all the legislation tools in Spain and the international legal instrument charged with prevention of pollution of the marine environment.

Our profesional experts, who are specialists in this field and who are also committed to the protection of the environment underline these problems which affect us all.

The Royal Decree establishes preventive measures and a fight against pollution which gives us essential and necessary guidelines to enable us to apply the rules.

Our main objective is to work within the standard legal rules, in order to attain results of the highest calibre and thereby maintain our guarantee of recognition at a national and international level.

Approach, Rescue and Breakdowns

Maritime law is without a doubt, one of the most important legal disciplines in existence since it not only regulates maritime activity at a national and international level, but also deals with the problems relating to maritime transport.

Within the subject matter, great importance is attached to the so-called Navigation Hazards, such as collisions, breakdowns and others which could lead to a series of legal implications of fundamental importance.

Our track record and surmounting of difficult challenges faced by our legal department speaks for itself.

Throughout a long line of professional activity with numerous judicial successes, we have achieved wide recognition not only in Spain but also at an international level.

In our chambers, we offer solutions to any problems or any legal queries you may have. Our legal expertise places us in the front line as Legal Advisers.

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Vessel Auctions

An injunction for the arrest of a ship, whether national or foreign, is regulated by the International Agreement for the Arrest of Ships and the  New Maritime Law Spain (Ley de Navegación Marítima de 2013)

The forced sale of a ship will conform to the provisions of the law on Civil Procedure or within administrative rule, which would also apply to the auction of movables, subject to Land Registration.

In our chambers, we work with professionals who have a long history of success in the field of Maritime Law.

We offer our services on a national and international level, and our aim is to serve our clients’ interests effectively and respectfully, always maintaining a personal touch and treating each individual case with complete dedication.

We count on high technological advances via videoconferencing to enable us to keep in close contact with our clients even if they find themselves outside our borders.

With more than 20 years experience, we have achieved great recognition thanks to a great team of specialists with knowledge of the law, who are always ready to provide the best solutions to any problem or doubts you may have.

Cargo Claims

The main aim of the company is to deliver the cargo on time and without damage.  Nevertheless, sometimes damage or loss does happen.

It  is on these occasions when our specialist team is ready to investigate the cause of any damage or loss which may have been incurred.  They will also be ready to assist with any claim in the shortest possible time and whilst following a number of relevant steps.

De Castro Lawyers are one of the few legal firms that constantly address numerous complaints.Our expert professionals offer the best solutions within the table of contents of the Law.

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seguro maritimo

Maritime Insurance and Reinsurance and P&I

The team of lawyers at, De Castro Lawyers, are widely recognised at a national and international level ,and have a long track record and an excellent knowledge of Maritime Law.

Our team of experts have a deep knowledge in the field of Maritime Insurance and  Reinsurance and P&I,  initials which stand for Protection and Indemnity.

We take on numerous cases on a daily basis, offering our clients máximum satisfaction as a result and as such obtain great recognition from those who deposit their trust in us.

A close and personal contact with our clients is what characterizes us.   We advise our clients with the best legal expertise available, assuring them at all times of a speedy and efficient solution to their problems.

Ports and Port Infrastructures

At De Castro Lawyers, we deal on a daily basis with matters relating to Maritime Law, ports and port infrastructures, and in all cases always obtaining máximum recognition on all our achievements.

Our chambers have a great professional team whose main aim is to offer the best personalised service for each particular case.

High technological equipment allow us close communication with our clients, even though they may be beyond our frontiers, as we work on a national and international level.

Our aim is to pursue each case meticulously and we offer a wide range of services in the field of Maritime Law.


Regular Routes and Competition Law

At De Castro Lawyers, our professionalism and numerous and satisfasctory achievements speak for themselves.

Our close contact with clients turns their own problem into our problem and we thus take every legal step necessary to resolve their worry.

At De Castro Lawyers we work for you and with you, using all our professional expertise and our achievements speak for themselves.

We pride ourselves on a close and personal service for our clients. At our chambers, honesty and efficiency become our emblem.

Import, Export and Flagship Registration

A shipowner who utilizes his ship for business purposes must register the ship in the Commercial Register.  Ships which are duly registered and flag-bearing will automatically take Spanish nationality.  Flag-ship registration will be granted following regulations of Mercantil Law.

At our chambers we take on numerous requests for and relating to import, export and flag-ship registration  with great success.  Our professional team treat each individual case with the utmost importance.

We have achieved wide recognition in this field, nationally as well as internationally by our loyal clientele.

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