Corporate Law

Corporate Social Responsability by Individuals and Administrators for Corporate Debts

No co-ordination system has been established within corporate law for the social responsability actions of administrators.

In any case, it seems reasonable to asume that one can asume civil prejudice in the procedures against administrators.

In all, our chambers seek to study each individual case. Our aim is to favour the demand of responsability from administrators and which aims to repair damages and losses incurred.

We have a team of professionals whose expertise is widely acknowledged by our clients.

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Corporate Disputes

Arbitration consists of a legal mechanism for the settlement of disputes based on the will of the parties concerned.

Through our designated mechanisms. We make decisions that will put an end to the differences between the parties concerned using our professional expertise in order to rectify any contentious issues in general,  thus enabling us to make a quick decisión.

We offer the best guarantee to the solution of your disputes and a definite end to your problems.

Incorporation of Companies and Statutory Reforms

At De Castro Lawyers we utilize all our legal expertise necessary to guarantee a successful outcome to your problems.

We offer our clients a personal and confidential service.

De Castro Lawyers are widely acknowledged at a national and international level.  Our legal team are specialists in all fields of Law and they are entirely dedicated to their work.

We have an excellent record in the incorporation of companies and their statutory reforms.

Our clients always come first and achieving their satisfaction  is our  principal objective.

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Board Secretariat

De Castro Lawyers are a mutidisciplinary team who offer clients a personal and high quality service and a full guarantee of obtaining the best solution to their problems.

Our legal experts are the best and are widely acknowledged as the best in the field of Administration of Companies and Board Secretariat.

These outstanding professionals have achieved success in near impossible cases and that is why they are acknowledged even beyond our frontiers.

Corporate Restructurings

A corporate restructuring procedure requires the participation of an expert legal team in this field.  At  De Castro Lawyers we offer you the team of professionals that you require.

Our multidisciplinary offices can offer the best expert service ensujring that your case gets full and optimum attention.  We are extremely well-known at a national and international level.

Our great team of lawyers guarantee the best solutions to your problems.

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Obligations and Responsabilities of Shareholders and Directors

De Castro Lawyers offer the best advice and management.

Our legal team are experts in this field and in all áreas of the law.

Our experts put at your disposal their wide knowledge and experience and offer you the best guarantee of a successful outcome to your problems.

Partners Protocol

De Castro Lawyers have the best legal team who are specialists in all áreas of the Law.  This profesional team offer a close,  honest, and meticulous service.

We are widely acknowledged at a national and international level and continujously strive to obtain máximum satisfaction to our clients’ problems.

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