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Bank Contracts

Operations of credit activities are regulated by bank contracts.  In order to agree a bank contract, one of the  contracting parties must be a bank.  It is very important to obtain professional advice and management from an expert lawyer.

We offer our services on a national and international level, and our aim is to serve our clients’ interests effectively and respectfully, always maintaining a personal touch and treating each individual case with complete dedication.

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Financial Derivatives

Financial derivatives are produced when the value of the financial product depends on the future price of another asset.

The features are various  and that is why it is so important to obtain the services of professional lawyers in this field.

We take on numerous cases on a daily basis, offering our clients máximum satisfaction as a result and as such obtain great recognition from those who deposit their trust in us.  A close and personal contact with our clients is what characterizes us.

We advise our clients with the best legal expertise available, assuring them at all times of a speedy and efficient solution to their problems.

Execution of Guarantees

For an execution of guarantees, it is necessary to show that the payer is not complying with his obligations of guarantee acquired in the contract.

As this is a rather complex situation, the services of expert lawyers in Banking Law is of the utmost importance.

Our chambers have a great professional team whose main aim is to offer the best personalised service for each particular case.

High technological equipment allow us close communication with our clients, even though they may be beyond our frontiers, as we work on a national and international level.

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Actions for Reimbursement of the Buyer

Actions for the reimbursement of the buyer are payments that the guarantor makes to the debtor  together with interest accrued in a case where the guarantor has received the same payment twice.  These would now become compensation claims.

Our legal team are specialists in all fields of Law and they are entirely dedicated to their work.

We have an excellent record in the Actions for reimbursement of the buyer.  Our clients always come first and achieving their satisfaction  is our  principal objective.

Nullity of Contracts of Insurance

Nullity of insurance contracts can be legally declared.

A contract is considered null and void when it does not comply with the requirements set down by law.

Our legal experts are the best and are widely acknowledged as the best in the field of  Nullity of insurance contracts.   These outstanding professionals have achieved success in near impossible cases and that is why they are acknowledged even beyond our frontiers.

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