Responsibilities of construction agents.

Responsabilidad de agentes de la construcción

With the introduction in 1999 of the Ordenación de la Edificación (LOE) law, the responsibilities of construction agents was much better defined.

The De Castro law firm enjoys the best specialist lawyers that can assist you in all matters relating to the responsibilities of construction agents and in particular, issues relating to non-compliance.

Civil liability will be charged to the appropriate party and our experts will study your case with total dedication that it deserves; a way of working which we have always done.

Our reputation as a successful and creative legal firm preceeds us, having been featured in the news many times.  We use all of the latest technologies available to us and for our clients we aslo have videoconferencing facilities available.

In our firm there is nothing more important than the satisfaction of our clients and to achieve for them the best possible outcome for their particular cases.

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