Marine contamination and violations.

Contaminación marítima e infraccionesThe greatest part of actual pollution comes from human activity. Without doubt, more measures need to be taken in order to prevent contamination by oil and oily mixtures.

The consequences of maritime pollution is a common problem which affects us all.

Legislation establishes limits to the parameter indicators of wáter pollution. Many national laws and international protocols forbid the actual dumping of pollutants in the seas.

Our legal department works using all the legislation tools in Spain and the international legal instrument charged with prevention of pollution of the marine environment.

Our profesional experts, who are specialists in this field and who are also committed to the protection of the environment underline these problems which affect us all.

The Royal Decree establishes preventive measures and a fight against pollution which gives us essential and necessary guidelines to enable us to apply the rules.

Our main objective is to work within the standard legal rules, in order to attain results of the highest calibre and thereby maintain our guarantee of recognition at a national and international level.

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