Administrative Law

Administrative law is the área of  Public Law that is responsible for the organisation and workings of the State, especially those relating to executive power.

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Administrative Appeals Tribunals

Administrative appeals tribunals undertake to resolve possible disputes between the public and the administration. Any person can present their appeal in defence of his or her own interests.

In these cases, it is extremely important to obtain good legal advice.

Our legal team are specialists in all fields of Law and they are entirely dedicated to their work. We have an excellent record in the Administrative appeals tribunals. Our clients always come first and achieving their satisfaction is our principal objective.

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State Contracting

State contracting is the contracting of public works and services, by central government, local government or other subordinate agencies.

The European Union has signed a multilateral agreement for state contracting, and negotiations have been held with the World Trade Organization, on an international procedure for the adjudication of contracts.

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High technological equipment allow us close communication  with our clients, even though they may be beyond our frontiers, as we work on a national and international level.

Proceedings Before all Administrations and Public Bodies

Public Administration is the governing mechanism which manages public interest.

We, as citizens, have a right to know the advantages which these public and government bodies have to offer.  If you wish to be pointed in the right direction regarding these services, then you require legal advice.

We take on numerous cases on a daily basis, offering our clients máximum satisfaction as a result and as such obtain great recognition from those who deposit their trust in us.

A close and personal contact with our clients is what characterizes us.   We advise our clients with the best legal expertise available, assuring them at all times of a speedy and efficient solution to their problems.

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Compensation Claims Against Administration

It is possible to claim compensation against the administration so long as the damages were caused by the administration itself.

An individual will have the right to claim compensation if the injury was due to the performance of public services.

To claim compensation from the administration, you require expert legal advice.

With more than 20 years experience, we have achieved great recognition thanks to a great team of specialists with knowledge of the law, who are always ready to provide the best solutions to any problem or doubts you may have.

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